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Sponsors are so important to the sustainability and growth of a rescue. When sponsoring an animal, you take care of a certain animal per month or yearly. This includes feed, care, and yearly vet costs.

If you're interested in becoming a business sponsor please click here!


Goat Sponsor


Pony Sponsor

This is Little Bear, one of our rescue goats. Besides being a fainting goat (aka having a heart murmur), he also has special needs. He walks a little differently than the other goats, but is a healthy and happy boy. Sponsoring him, or one of our other rescue goats is $20 per month/$240 year.

This is Charlie Brown with the "pony girls" (Loretta, Joplin, & Dolly). We bailed Charlie Brown out of a kill pen in North Carolina the day before Thanksgiving. He was sickly, had shipping fever, and couldn't trot or canter. He had "sticky" stifles from being confined for so long, and we found out he was blind on his right side. However, nothing slows this little guy down anymore! He is full of life and love. 

A pony is $150 a month/$1800 a year which covers feed, care, and shoeing.


Reptile Sponsor

Ringo is a sulcata tortoise. He was owner surrendered in New York, where he lived for 15 years. However, he was fed incorrectly, causing the pyramids on his back. Though his shell is now deformed, his health has improved with proper nutrition and love!

Reptiles are $30 per month/ $360 a year which covers feed, and veterinary care.

Alpaca/Llama Sponsor


Alpacas and Llamas are often neglected because owners do not understand the needs of these particular animals. Their fiber covers their body condition, often unknowingly hiding frail figures caused by lack of nutrition or parasites. Pictured here is our sweet Minnie, a happy healthy alpaca!

Alpacas/Llamas are $30 a month/$360 a year which covers feed, shearing, and veterinary.

Horse Sponsor


Pictured here is BLM Mustangs Dreamer and DC. Dreamer was caught in Wyoming and DC (her baby) was born in captivity. There are so many mustangs in the wild on limited land, that they are starving quite literally. When we got them they were skin and bones, and WILD. But mustangs are amazing horses, different than any other. They are both rideable and love kids and attention. And they know how to protect their herd. We have loved watching them grow into the horses they are today. 

Horses are one of the most expensive animals to keep, rehabilitate, and adopt out. Horses take more time, food, farrier, and vet care.

Sponsor a horse for $200 a month/$2400 a year

Cow Sponsor


We love cows! Many people love to get cows as pets, only to realize it takes a special home with lots of room to roam and knowledge of cows for them to thrive. 

Pictured here is our sweet steer Jack.

Sponsor a cow for $75 a month/$900 a year to cover feed, hay, and veterinary care.

Donkey/Mule Sponsor

IMG_1793 2.JPG

Who doesn't love donkeys!? We sure do. They have huge personalities, but they can be stubborn. They are stubborn because they are extremely smart and "careful". If not trained properly, they can become aggressive and difficult when trying to trim their hooves (a necessity), or basic commands like walking on a halter. Many donkeys end up neglected, and unhealthy. 

Pictured is our sweet talkative adorable donkey, Galveston.

Sponsor a donkey/mule for $90 a month/$1080 a year to cover feed, hay, and care.

Pig Sponsor

IMG_8806 2.JPG

This is Tater, he is our adopted rescue from the local animal shelter. Many owners love their pigs, but quickly realize they aren't as small and cuddly as social media makes them look. Tater was raised in a house and was well cared for until he got too big. Fortunately there's lot of room for him here! 

Sponsor a pig for $40 a month/$480 a year to cover feed, and annual tusks/toe trimming.

IMG_5870 2.JPG

Cat Sponsor

Pictured here is our first barn kitty ambassadors. We are big believers in barn cat programs. We like to make sure the cats as  are friendly and sociable barn cats (even though its okay they aren't all going to be that way!)

Sponsor a barn cat for $20 a month/$240 a year to cover feed and vet care.

Sheep Sponsor


Pictured here is sweet Frazier. We love sheep! Sheep often hide health concerns with their fluffy wool, only to be noticed at shearing time. They are friendly, and relatively easy keepers.

Sponsor a sheep for $30 a month/$360 a year for feed, veterinary, and shearing.

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